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If you or a loved one are facing any criminal charge, you don’t just need a Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney, you need Sheed Law Offices. Facing a criminal charge can be an overwhelming and emotional period in your life. This process is a confusing and negative one if you don’t have the proper representation to fight the charges you’re facing. Our Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyers at Sheed Law Offices have experience and have produced Results needed to get you the best outcome possible. As former Public Defenders, our Seattle Criminal Defense lawyers are equipped with vast experience and as a result, the confidence to help guide you to a better and brighter place. We like to believe that our clients come into our lives for a reason and that it is our duty to provide them with not just the best criminal defense in the Seattle area, but the best criminal defense experience. Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs: Testimonials. 


  • Former Public Defenders Who Know Every Way To Beat A Criminal Charge
  • Winning Trial Defense Record – Seasoned Plea Bargain Negotiators
  • Proud To Offer Affordable Rates & Pro-Bono If Qualified (Veterans, Single-Moms, Etc.)
  • Attorneys That Care About Results, Not Just The Talk. View Our Testimonials.
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The Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyers at Sheed Law Offices understand what you’re going through. This is why we believe it is our duty to guide you through every step of the process and ensure that you feel very much a part of your future as we work to make it brighter. We ensure that you fully understand everything going on, what you’re facing, and the basis behind our strategic advice that we present for your benefit.

We pride ourselves on:


-Appreciating Client Relationships

-Earning Client Trust

-Fighting For The Very Best Results

The Seattle Criminal Defense practice of Sheed Law Offices was founded on the points above. We have the experience and knowledge to represent you or your loved one for any criminal charges. The Seattle Criminal Defense lawyers at Sheed Law Offices personally tailor their services to each of their clients’ unique needs and circumstances to wholistically provide an unmatched criminal defense representation experience.  We cherish our relationship with our clients. Read our client’s Testimonials to find out why they cherish us too.