Client charged with DUI (Sheed Law Offices attorneys obtained a complete dismissal through negotiation).

“I liked Danny Sheed from the start! I was arrested for a D.U.I in Washington state. Being from out of state, I really needed someone to support me. To make a long story short, they eventually dropped the charges! I would highly recommend Danny Sheed to anyone! Very professional in the way he works and the way he presents himself. Very sharp looking guy! 5 stars from me.”


Client charged with Theft 3 (Sheed Law Offices attorneys obtained complete Dismissal through negotiation)

“Danny helped me quickly and expediently resolve an issue that had created significant stress in my life. I hired him because I saw how he treated others – with respect, compassion and professionalism. He was prompt, thorough and always transparent in his communication with me. I never had doubts or uncertainties about the process, his plans or the outcome. I’m grateful for his help and would recommend him to others.”


Client charged with Theft 3 and Mal Mischief 3 (Sheed Law Offices attorneys obtained a dismissal on one charge through negotiation and significantly reduced period of confinement on other charge).

“Danny got me the best deal possible with the prosecutor with the least jail time I could possibly get, he urged me to go to trial because he knew he could win the case but I thought jail time would be the easier thing that was my choice and he respected that. He is highly intelligent and knowledgeable friendly and knows his stuff knows how to talk to the prosecutors got two charges dropped for me on the last case my deal was so good the prosecutor that didn’t give me the deal threw a fit and Court he is The Greatest Warrior I’ve ever dealt with.”